Was great to head back to Mexico City. Such an intense and vibrant city with so much art and design talent. I was the opening speech for Transitio, a well respected digital media and arts festival. Fun story, there was an earthquake warning in the middle of my presentation so we all had to leave the auditorium for a few minutes. Crazy.

Conveniently enough, the Electronic Game Show (Mexico’s equivalent of E3) was happening the same week. I popped in there as well to meet a bunch of indie studios and give a lecture in the forum section. Was great to see all the action. EGS was set to hit 50k attendees, a 20% increase over last year.


Part of the Transitio art exhibit.

Results from the game jam for social change.

Transitio organizers officially open the event and welcome the participants.

Mid-speech, we are evacuated into the agora due to earthquake warnings.

Sony had a big presence at the EGS.

Star Wars stuff was all over the place.

Mexican knock-off of the IndieMegaBooth.

No clue what this building is… just thought the light was cool ;)

Mmm, nice spicy cocktails!

My only souvenir from my week in Mexico.