The last time I was at PAX Prime was before it was called Prime. It was just PAX. No East, or South, or Australia, or Dev, etc. Just PAX. As usual, it did not disappoint with the customary onslaught of games and geeky awesomeness!

We had eight Execution Labs teams in tow. Kitfox was demoing Moon Hunters in the IndieMegaBooth, while Switchblade Monkeys had a dedicated booth to show off Secret Ponchos. The other six teams were behind closed doors pitching publishers and other such partners. Made for an intense couple of days.

Sadly, I was stuck in meetings most of the time. Good meetings… but meant I missed most of the fun on the show floor. And, absolutely no time for some board game action. Next time! 

From the 28th floor of the Grand Hyatt. My view for ~90% of PAX.

Constant lines to play Secret Ponchos!

The Kitfox booth was constantly jammed!

YouTube Gaming making a big splash after the announcement.

Arriving at the Sony party…

Awesome Chihuly glass sculpture.