I was at the very first Develop conference over a decade ago, and kept attending over the first few years. Having missed that last couple of years, was nice to return to Brighton and take in the glory of the largest UK developer conference… along the beach no less.

Was good to see an emphasis on indies and startups, with several sessions on funding, a full indie day, an 18 hour game jam, and a game showcase. The UK scene is so dense that just walking into the lobby and bumping into folks delivers enough value to justify the trip! Sadly, I was stuck mostly in meetings that I didn’t get to take in too many sessions.

Evolve closing panel on day 1. Best advice? Ian Baverstock: “Stop making crap games.”

Ella Romanos with an exhaustive list of funding options/approaches in the UK.

Ah, a moment to chill. 

Cool games in the indie showcase. Hue won both the jury prize and popular vote.

Simon Roth with an excellent lecture on the business realities of being indie.

Big day for Leanna Bayley as she won the game jam, and delivered an excellent rant on the need to hire for more parents :)

Quick visit to Payload Studios, who were streaming their TerraTech game, and Starbound from guests Chucklefish.