Was over in Europe again, this time to keynote the first Interface matchmaking event in London, and jump over to Sweden for the annual Nordic Game Conference. All told, I had about 50 meetings with independent studios from the UK, and Nordic region. I was not disappointed! Given Execution Labs is always on the hunt for amazing studios to invest in, was great to see so many talented studios.

For a first time event, Interface was useful and chock full of developers. Though, understandably British focused. I also had a chance to pop down to Brighton for a day of meetings. Interesting fact, there were 18 new studios that started from the ashes of Disney’s closure of Black Rock a couple years ago, and all of them are still running!

For the Nordic Game Conference, it is impressive that the event is able to rally folks from across the entire region. The talent is so deep, we could easily fill Execution Labs just with teams from the Nordics!


The Interface event kept me so busy with developer meetings, this street art just outside the venue is the only photo I had a chance to take.

Popped into the PlayHubs shared workspace to meet with teams.

Brianna Code (Ubisoft) discusses the value of diverse teams.

The Canadian Consulate in Sweden hosted a nice VIP reception.

Reindeer dinner with Thomas Tull (Legendary Pictures), Hendrik Lesser (Remote Control),  and Matt Wilson (Rovio), among others.

Indies singing modified Karaoke songs. Was very amusing.

Uh, not sure what the internal ship structure is all about… A team brainstorms at the Arabic Game Jam.

Final night festivities over in Copenhagen. Dan Pearson (GamesIndustry.biz), Brianna Code (Ubisoft), and Habib Chams (MENA Games Conference) enjoy cocktails at Ruby (which is ranked 22nd of the 50 best cocktail bars in the world). So good!