While Europe is not thaaat far from Montreal, always nice to pack in as much action each time I jump the pond. This time I was able to combo three events: the Cartoons on the Bay animation festival in Venice, Quo Vadis and the Berlin Games Week, and then the Reboot Develop conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Was an exhausting, but also an exhilarating trip. It is all a bit of a blur, but was particularly interesting to connect with many of the central European developers participating at Reboot (which did a good job to gather those from neighboring communities). And, as an overarching umbrella, it is impressive to see all of the varied activities taking place under the Berlin Games Week banner!


The historical Palazzo Labia, HQ for Italian TV giant Rai and home for the Cartoons on the Bay festival.

The legendary Sylvia Anderson, creator of the Thunderbirds series.

Marty O’Donnell talks of his early inspirations.

Marty O’Donnell receives a Pulcinella award for his amazing work with games+music.

Marty celebrates with a Guinness.

So many picturesque “alleys” in Venice.

I took hundreds of pics of amazingly textured facades.

Entrance to the renowned Piazza San Marco.

Entrance/tower to the Arsenal.

Another beautiful view.


Bottle collection at the secret gin bar :)

Happy party at the Happy Tuesday studio.

Cool venue for the German awards gala.

Paul Heydon (London Venture Partners) discusses the European investment climate for games.

Wow! Two rows full of investors interested in games at the pitch event.

One of the cool games being pitched…

Funky magnet game cabinet at Amaze.

The Amaze opening exhibit/party at Urban Spree.


In Dubrovnik… or King’s Landing?

Inside the 8th century fortress.

Post dinner drinks with cool industry folks from around the globe.

Peter Molyneux with inspiring words for the day2 keynote.

Team Gotham picks up the best indie game award.

Michal Drozdowski (11bit Studios) discusses the creative process behind This War of Mine.

Tightly packed pathways within the fortress.