This was my 19th straight GDC! And, it was so intense, I wondered if I’d survive to make it to the 20th. It is hard to believe that each year seems more crazy and productive than the last. Maybe it is just a GDC warp effect….

Though, I’m pretty sure the warp was due to the growth of the Execution Labs family. With a handful of alumni teams to support, along with the current accelerator and finishing fund teams, there was an exponential number of publisher, platform, and partner meetings to orchestrate. Plus some intense scouting for teams to invest in as we move forward.

My sessions on startup funding and accelerator/mentor programs went well, with deep discussions on a wide range of topics. Always nice to see new programs popping up all over the world.

Sadly, I was too deep in meetings to catch many sessions or see much of the expo. And, I will admit, it did feel a bit odd to now be running a rant session with Eric…

Guiz de Pessemier (Outerminds) enjoying some Japanese whiskey at the Sega party.

Chris Baine (BioWare) discussing the merits of making games in Canada.

Nate Barker (Chartboost) in the best conference uniform ever!

Lil’ Strid (Astrid Rosemarin, Execution Labs) and Big Ber (Andraz Bole, PouPou Interactive) dropping beats at the Google Play party.

Good insights from the indie publishing panel.

Mia famiglia! First time I see an Italian pavilion at GDC. Didn’t even know there were that many studios in Italy!

Rather odds controls at the Alt.Ctrl.GDC exhibit.

The annual post GDC meat festival at Keith’s place.

Chinese New Year parade action.