Each visit to Rome is full of wonder and discovery. This was my first time back since the opening of the Vigamus game museum, that I advised on during their ramp up. The result turned out even more amazing than I could have imagined. If you are ever in Rome, I highly recommend you pop in for a visit – it is walking distance from the Vatican!

A bunch of us were there to speak at the Vigamus conference (including of the unveiling of the Suda51 exhibition) as well as participate at the Ludica Fair, which covers all forms of games/play (ie, LARPing, board games, etc).


Massive sculpture at the entrance of the war museum at the Vittoriano.

The impressive hallways in the Vittoriano.

Nighttime view of Piazza Venezia from the Vittoriano balcony.

Ancient Roman LARPers gearing up at the Ludica Fair.

Ancient Roman helmets ready for action.

Some oldskool board games.

Massive Game of Thrones Lego diorama.

Game of Thrones Lego castle.

Eating “Italian sushi” with Suda51 and Massimo Guarini (Ovosonico). Mmmm octopus!

Enter into the dungeons… a ~2000 year old Roman cellar…

…to eat dinner Frascati style. So good!

Start of the Vigamus permanent exhibit, mainly focused on historical game consoles.

Oooh, how I love thee, Sega Master System. The main console of my youth :)

Suda51 cuts the ribbon to the exhibition in his honor.

Vigamus director Marco Accordi Rickards with Suda51 and works of concept art from the Grasshopper Manufacture library.

Massimo Guarini discusses his time in Canada and Japan, and his move back to Italy to start Ovosonico and create Murasaki Baby.

Manuel Llanes returned to Rome to discuss his work on Battlefield 4 at DICE.

Always something new to uncover in Rome! Spotted this “invader” at the Spanish Steps.