Despite this being my 17th straight GDC, and knowing so many familiar faces, this was the first GDC that I felt that I was not there alone. With the Execution Labs teams in tow, there was more than just my personal experience to manage… It was a fun challenge, and the event was productive/valuable as ever.

Otherwise, this GDC was the usual flurry of meetings, sessions, parties, etc. Of special note, the annual rant panel that Eric Zimmerman and I coordinate was especially powerful. Wow. And, for a sponsored session, the “future of mobile” panel I moderated went surprisingly well.

Sadly, way too swamped with post event catch up to write more… Instead here are some photos from GDC week.

Chasing burritos at 2am with Ruben Farrus (Minority Media) and Pol Jeremias (ex-LucasArts).

Screening of the fascinating interactive documentary, 48 Hour Games.

Tim Symons (Nintendo) and Dan Murray (Foundation 9) consuming vast amounts of Chinese food.

Opening F2P Summit session on key trends from 2012.

Cracked up when David Edery stared discussing ideal prototyping team composition.

Is it just me, or you can watch others play/suffer at Super Hexagon for hours?!

Mmm, booze… The Office at Churchill for the Execution Labs investor/partner cocktail.

More XL VIP action.

Keith Katz (Execution Labs) with opening remarks and thanks.

Alain Tascan (Sava Transmedia) helping to promote several XL games.

Big lines to try to Oculus VR glasses. Word on the street was the demo impressed.

Kris Piotrowski (Capy) showing off Super Time Force at the IGF booth.

Henry Smith proudly displaying IGF nominated Spaceteam.

Most random moment of GDC: Cliff and Lauren walked by just as I was starting to stretch. They both got down to stretched and chatted for a bit.

Entering the swanky Sony party. Yummy food!

The way more controversial WarGaming party. Gas masks with bunny ears?

Richard Lemarchand (USC) decides to bounce on beds. Something about a Bruce Sterling short story…

Hero John Vechey (PopCap) fetched $500 worth of Jack-in-the-Box burgers for all of us with midnight munchies, including Ian Adams (Z2), David Edery (Spry Fox), and Nathan Vella (Capy)!

Best rant panel ever. Moving.

During Anna’s rant on quality of life, everyone started standing, those that crunched longer stayed standing…

Keita Takahashi’s game for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop.

Dinner with the Argentinians.

Keith Katz (Execution Labs) describing how to best rub your meat… uh, for ideal flavor and smoking.

Post party at Robin Hunicke’s place. Was fun until the cat prevented me from breathing… :(