The sixth, and what felt like the best, GameON:Finance to date was a valuable mix of informative conference sessions and elbow rubbing with game business bigwigs. I had the pleasure of interviewing industry veteran Lee Jacobson (formerly of Virgin, Midway, Atari, and now doing a metrics startup). It was a wide ranging discussion, though his comments on the demise of THQ and how publishers are bad at killing games got the most attention…

Additionally, I moderated the venture funding panel. It was informative, and brutally honest about the challenges of lining up angel or VC money. Though, the session on alternative financing sources (eg, Kickstarter), and gov support schemes, certainly cheered up the room. Also, just to note that Charles Hudson is a fantastic speaker!

Finally, was great that one of our Execution Labs teams was in the CMF Showcase. Lateef from Miscellaneum did a fine job pitching The Firemasters. Oh, and it was a blast to present at Bento Miso the night before. They are doing great stuff there to support the indie game dev community in Toronto.

For a more detailed summary, check out the write-up at Techvibes.

GameON:Finance was hosted at Toronto’s Reference Library. Shhhh…

Yann Suquet (BUF) on parallels between game and film funding models.

Some truth from EEDAR.

Quick dinner with Rob Caouette (EDC), Jim Ying (Gree) and Jesse Divnich (EEDAR).

Scott Simpson (Playbrains) ready for post dinner festivities.

Charles Hudson (SoftTech VC) on why VCs hate your game company.

Experts on alt forms of finance: Charles Hudson (SoftTech VC), Cindy Au (Kickstarter), Scott Simpson (Playbrains), Jason Bailey (East Side Games), Nathan Vella (Capy/IndieFund).

Lateef Martin (Miscellaneum) presents The Firemasters during the CMF Showcase.

Lateef Martin (Miscellaneum) busts out Beat It during post event karaoke.

Lee Jacobson (Apmetrix) with some silky smooth singing.