OK, OK, I’m biased. As a co-founder of the Montreal International Game Summit and current chair of the program committee, I have a hard time not being a fan. Once again, I had a great time at MIGS, now in its ninth iteration, enjoying many lecture sessions, receptions, and meeting great people.

The “future unknown” theme was quite appropriate given the current state of flux of the game industry. Both keynotes played this up well, with Tim Sweeney delving more so on the technical side of things, and then Peter Molyneux talking more about the need for indie to be brave and push things forward.

The business lounge looked to always be hopping, and their first attempt at a “demo zone” to showcase independent studios/projects seemed to be effective - though certainly room to grow.

Tim Sweeney (Epic Games) with the opening keynote.

Vander Caballero (Minority Media) with an inspiring business track keynote…

…that he sketched on his iPad.

Hustle and bustle in the DemoZone.

Three Indie Muskateers: Nels Anderson (Klei), Amir Rao (Supergiant), and Ichiro Lambe (Dejobaan).

Funky audio visualizer/game thing at the Prince of Arcade indie showcase party.

New Orleans brass band The Soul Rebels playing the main party. It was loud.

Peter Molyneux (22cans) gives a tour of his studio via Skype.

Jonathan Jacques-Belletete (Eidos) on the need to embrace external art/aesthetics into games.

Stephanie Bouchard (THQ) on make games more about social manipulation (eg, be the Godfather asking for favor, not the goon breaking kneecaps).

Andy Hess (Apple) enjoys some late night poutine!

The “left overs” party at the oh-so-hip Furco: Keith Katz (Execution Labs), Victoria Petersen (GDC), Jennifer Whitson (TAG/Concordia), Tony Lam (Vanedge), Behrouz Bayat (Gamerizon), Colleen Mickey (GDC) and about 30 more, not pictured…

…and then on to Big in Japan for in depth game economics debates. Seriously.