OK, this year was just a ridiculous level of travel. More and more of my consulting work is abroad, and the conference speaking invites just keep coming (luckily, I will often overlap conference with client work with university lectures or IGDA chapter visits, etc). There were some really killer transits like the Finland+Sweden>>>Vancouver trip! Or, the 24hr+ trips back from Korea and India. BTW, I don’t get jetlag much anymore - things have gotten pretty binary for me: I’m either on or off.

Anyway, here’s where I went and roughly what I did (with links to notes/photos when available) over the past year:

One of the biggest challenges with international travel is language. With a trip to Korea every few years, for example, there is not a lot of pressure/guilt for not picking up the language. But, with fives outings this year that were Spanish, I was feeling inadequate. Though, my French skills do help decipher the general gist of conversations and pick through a dinner menu ;)