I was fortunate enough to be invited to Ubisoft’s party for the premiere of its full series of its Assassin’s Creed 2 promotional short films.

As a fan of the first game (yes, I scored all 1000 achievement points), I’m very much looking forward to AC2. And, the short films serve as both a teaser to get folks excited for the game’s launch on November 17th, but also to serve as the back story, helping to set up the mise-en-scene for the game.

The various congratulatory speeches included many remarks on the convergence of film and games. Of note, the bulk of effort on the films came from Hybride, the VFX shop Ubisoft purchased last year. And yes, they discussed many interesting areas of convergence and sharing (e.g., level/environment models from the game were imported into the films, shared actors, etc).

However, from an end result and experience point of view, I have to disagree. Films are becoming ever more “filmic” in their mastery of telling a story. And, games are becoming ever more “game-y” in engaging the player via agency.

Anyway. Some quick shots from the evening:

Hmm, strong urge to climb atop the tower outside party venue Usine C to get an eagle-eye view.


AC2 creative director Patrice Desilets and Frederick Brassard (3pod).


The pretty people.


Ubisoft Montreal/Toronto CEO, Yannis Mallat with introductory remarks.


AC2 Lineage in action.


Hybride VFX honcho, Pierre Raymond.


Lineage’s director, Canadian film and TV director Yves Simoneau.