It has been a wonderfully rewarding and stimulating 8+ years that I’ve served the IGDA, and it is now time for me to go. There are three key elements to my departure:

  1. There are some exciting personal opportunities that I want to pursue that simply require me to strike out on my own and step away from my role as the IGDA’s executive director. (Watch for more specific news on this after GDC, and no, I’m not starting a game development studio.)
  2. After 8.5 years of service, I won’t deny a certain amount of, uh, fatigue.
  3. Given the maturation and evolution of the IGDA, I’m not sure if I’m actually the “right guy” anymore…

Regarding #3, while I believe that my particular skills and strengths suited the needs of the IGDA along the way, the org has grown to the point where different styles of leadership should probably be explored.

Of course, I’m not jumping off a cliff! I’ll be fully focused on ensuring the IGDA has another successful GDC, along with closing up a handful of other key org initiatives (like launching the new website). And, as mentioned in the formal press release, I’ll be sticking around a few more months to help the Board with the transition to a new exec director. Indeed, I feel a strong obligation to ensure a smooth transition: After investing nearly 9 years of my life into IGDA, the last thing I want is for my departure to cause problems.

Despite my decision to leave, I believe more so than ever in the need for and value of a strong and vibrant IGDA. I’m honored and humbled to have served the passionate members and volunteers of the IGDA for so long and (mostly) done well in stewarding the mission along the way.

It all has been such a tremendous source of inspiration, learning and fulfillment.