Dang, spending ten days in Japan takes twenty to recover… That is, I meant to post this BioShock postmortem video a while ago…


Inspired by prolific video taking action in the San Diego and New York IGDA chapters, the Montreal chapter got its act together and recorded Chris Kline’s insightful recounting of BioShock’s gestation back at the September 11th chapter meeting. In short, I was utterly amazed at how clueless/directionless the game was from the start and how long it took for all the various aspects to materialize, and then come to together as a cohesive whole.

If you don’t want to watch the full 60-minute lecture + 20-minute Q&A, the Montreal chapter also whipped up a summary report (along with Chris’ PPT file).

Related, Clint Hocking has written up an in depth critique of BioShock, looking at how the game ultimately fails to fully marry ludic and narrative elements.