I have a guilty pleasure to admit to: I’m a Soul Calibur nut! Playing countless hours of the original Dreamcast version with friends late into the night made for some of my best game playing experiences ever… Anyway, I can only hope that the next rev of the game has more to offer than advanced boob physics


Coincidentally, around the same time I was reading up on Ivy’s makeover, Next Generation published their “Europe’s 50 Big Bosses” list. Is it any surprise that only two women are listed: Jane Cavanagh, the CEO of Eidos, and Fiona Sperry, the GM of EA UK.

Connecting more dots, Wagner James Au’s recent polemic touches on this in regards to the mainstream game industry being run by “lost boy” gamer dudes, creating games for other gamer dudes and being written about by more gamer dudes. Rinse repeat. Would be interesting to know to what extent a more diverse/inclusive workforce is involved in all the other sectors, margins, examples that Au mentions…

As an aside, I cannot emphasize enough how excellent/relevant Clayton Christensen’s book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, is to all of this. It provides an excellent framework and understanding of disruptive technology. A must read.