Spurred by the original “hot 100 developers” list (which only had one female on it), Next-Gen in coordination with Women in Games International has now released the “Game Industry’s 100 Most Influential Women” list. And, I’ve got a real problem with this list…

It needs to be longer!!! Reading through the list is totally inspiring and serves as an eye-opener to all the great women, many in very key roles, that are part of the industry. However, I can rattle off a whole bunch more that aren’t on the list (without even breaking a sweat).

And so, here’s my quick extension to the list:

  • Robin Hunicke - hardcore academic/experimenter, now with Maxis
  • Clarinda Merripen - ops guru, ex Cyberlore, Cryptic
  • Tracy Rosenthal-Newsom - Guitar Hero producer, Harmonix
  • Jane McGonigal - ARG guru, hardcore academic/experimenter
  • Jane Pinkard - ex journalist type, now doing GDC work
  • Susan O’Connor - writer, did Gears of War
  • Genevieve Lord - producer, did Myst 4, now with A2M
  • Marie-Sol Beaudry - production manager, Ubisoft Montreal
  • Katherine Isbister - academic, character/psychology guru
  • Katie Salen - hardcore academic/experimenter, co-authored Rules of Play
  • Nicole Lazzaro - player experience guru
  • Mia Consalvo - academic/researcher
  • Mary Flanagan - academic/researcher
  • Caroline Esmurdoc - Psychonauts producer, Double Fine

Of course, there’s tons more, but those are the ones right off the top of my head :)

Also, kudos to Jane McGonigal for being named a Young Innovator by MIT’s Technology Review. The only game related person to make the list - a female no less :)